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TraiCon Events hosted one of its high profile gatherings known as “The Kingdom Plastic Summit 2017” a forum that discussed the future of this sector in the region. The Summit was inaugurated by Chief Executive Officer of Sahara Petrochemicals Company H.E. Engr. Saleh Bahamdan and Sadara Vice President of Industrial Relations, Faisal Algurouni. On this platform the largest assembly of representatives from the industry got involved in groundbreaking work in the application of lightweight compound, sustainable business, recycling and innovative building materials.
The 2 day conference was stormed by over 300+ delegates over the two days. This summit had experts representing the top leading industry from all parts of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabiaset the stage for deliberation on the ideas and opportunities for sustainable growth which in alignment with the “Vision 2030”. “The Kingdom Plastic Summit 2017” was focused on discussions on “The future advancement of plastics in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia” helping in the development of an economy that is sustainable and diverse". The 2 days summit had 18+ Speakers/Panelists and 22+ sessions which included presentation & interactive panel discussions with the audience. We also had exhibitors who showcased their smart solutions and technology in their exhibiting stalls to the audience at the conference.

In the drive to improve and establish competitive downstream sectors, the Kingdom has identified that the plastic and petrochemical sector is essential for their long-term goals .Plastic & Petrochemical manufacturing possesses are a huge potential, with the advancement of research centers, manufacturing clusters and the strategic location of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.The “Kingdom Plastic Summit 2017”explored the global trends in the industry and the, challenges of sustainability and how they can establish a competitive advantage to its application within the value chain.

The conference identified the challenges that the industry faced, it also utilized these opportunities for growth and investment. The impact of these changes on supply chain for the regions plastic industries. In addition, it provided an in-depth insight into the future sustainable plans and targets for the industry, the steps that needed to be taken to achieve these goals.The introduction of 3Dtechnology, how ithelps to reduce the cost of high-performance polymers and allow new performance polymers to be used. This, in turn, helped to promote characteristics that aid in recycling and support the durability of products. The introduction of nanomaterial that is integrated with plastic is pushing the boundaries of possibilities and application of this new material in promoting an effective solution to numerous industries. The development of effective communication tools in the form of plastic optic fibers and efficient automobiles utilizing lightweight materials. The innovation in geosynthetics materials for civil engineering, these are some of the numerous applications of polymers.
The delegates were delighted to share their thoughts and ideas at the forum with such high profile expert panelists/speakers & decision makers from various companies. The Speakers came up with fantastic presentation where the entire forum were involved and participated in interactive secessions. The presentation had multiple informative and interactive videos & thereafter followed by interactive Q&A sessions. The summit concluded with a Panel discussion, on the analysis of the feedback from all the speakers and delegates it was clear that they were very happy on attending this summit took back a lot of valuable industry knowledgeable.

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