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The Middle East and North African region has an attractive market for renewables due to abundant availability of solar and wind resources. According to a recent report by one of the leading Global Renewable Energy Agencies, the expected regional renewable energy investments could reach $35 billion per year by 2020. Also recently, the MENA region has received some of the lowest renewable energy prices awarded globally for solar PV and wind energy.

Renewable energy has multiple advantages for MENA Region in the form of energy security, improved air quality, reduced GHG emissions, boosting employment opportunities, apart from augmenting water and food security. The business case for renewable energy proliferation in MENA is strengthened by plentiful availability of natural energy resources and tumbling solar PV technology costs which are leading to record low renewable power generation costs.

This forum will be covering the key sectors of the renewable energy such as the solar power, wind power, Biomass energy, geothermal energy, hydro energy and power storage and their potential implications on the countries national energy mix. While, the ultimate aim of this forum is to provide a complete outlook into renewable energy market development in the region.

The MENA Renewable Energy Forum 2019 is a specially designed result oriented platform which will bring together the key Government bodies, government agencies and leading experts from renewable energy sectors. The Forum will be focusing on keys to discuss about the latest Trends and giving a clearer picture of the policies and guidelines for development of renewable energy projects as well as the challenges and business opportunities for the implication of Renewable Energy Technologies in the Middle East and North African Region. The summit also aims to create synergy and strengthen the collaboration between the authorities and industries to enhance the developments of renewable energy projects. This forum will be an ideal platform bringing together regional and global solutions and technology providers who will demonstrate cutting-edge innovative solutions that ensures clean and green energy.

Why Egypt?

As the most populous country in the Middle East, Egypt is currently facing a steep rise in energy demand driven by rapid population growth and the countries expanding economy. This has created a significant challenge in maintaining a steady and continuous supply of energy in the country and the implications of renewable energy in the country can help Egypt not only meet its energy needs, but to also power the sustainable economic growth as well as create a new job market in the energy sector while achieving global climate and sustainable development objectives. Investment in renewable energy capacity over the period would have to be raised from USD 2.5 billion per year. Moreover, the strategy also confirms Egypt’s ambition to becoming an energy hub between Europe, Asia and Africa by expanding grid interconnections across the Arab region and beyond.

The Egypt Vision 2030 aims to achieve a diversified, competitive and balanced economy within the framework of maintaining sustainable development. While, renewable energy has a central role to play, a role

that has been detailed in the Integrated Sustainable Energy Strategy to 2035 (ISES 2035), which was earlier released by the Government of Egypt back in 2015. The “ISES 2035” ensures a continuous, diversified energy security and establishes the necessary conditions to enable the increased development of renewables through the engagement of all sectors.

The government has recognized this opportunity in its Integrated Sustainable Energy Strategy, or ISES 2035, which seeks to ensure energy security, stability and sustainability through the widespread adoption of renewable energy technologies. Major renewable energy projects are now under development, reflecting the government’s resolve to turn this vision into reality. Several recent tenders have attracted strong international interest and promising proposals, which could further help ramp up renewable power generation in the coming years. The government’s latest targets call for 20% of Egypt’s power generation to be based on renewables by 2022, and 42% by 2035.


Prior notification of the attending government bodies and stakeholders

One week prior to the summit complete list of attendees will be sent to you to get to prepare for the event.

Keynote Presentations

An opportunity to present your Ideas, Innovation and latest offering to the entire audience. You can either present a 15-minute keynote with the case study presentation or a 5-minute elevator pitch.

Product Showcasing

The summit gives you the opportunity to display your wide range of latest products and services to all attendees.

Networking Luncheons

The networking lunch & coffee provides a perfect setting for meeting and networking with the who’s who of the African Project Leaders.

Who will you meet at MENA Renewable Energy Forum 2019?

How It works?

Our Speakers


Dr. Eng. Mohamed Mostafa El-Khayat Executive Chairman
New and Renewable Energy Authority, NREA
Ministry of Electricity and Renewable Energy



Hassan Mahmoud Managing Director of Information Technology
Egyptian Electricity Holding company
Ministry of Electricity and Energy



Eng. Iqbal Al Tayar Director of Energy Efficiency and Rationalization Department
Ministry of Electricity and Water


Ehab Ismail Amin Vice-Chairman
New and Renewable Energy Authority


Dr. Ahmed Badr Executive Director
Regional Center for Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency


Eng. Mohammed Al Taani Secretary General
Arab Renewable Energy Commission


Dr. Nouri Alkishriwi Energy Expert
League of Arab States


Dr. Salah El Haggar President
Egypt Green Building Council


Sherine Fahmy McKinnon Associate Executive Director & Co-Founder
Egypt Green Building Council

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