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The India Women’s Empowerment & Leadership Summit (IWE&LS) brings together up to 180 top leaders in the world, who believe in empowering women and to stand side by side as equals.
The world is changing rapidly and Women in India are moving towards a brighter future with grit, determination and sophistication. The attendees include both male and female business leaders, policy makers, young female professionals and entrepreneurs will gather to dissect the challenges, of diversity, shared experiences and produce actionable strategies that strive for women’s social, political and economic empowerment
The forum champions the role of women as key economic drivers; it aims to highlight inspirational stories of successful women and best practices for organisations that are leading the way in empowering women.
The Game Changers, the Story-Tellers and the Inspiration Makers will build a foundation to promote out of the box thinking and impact the role of women in the economies of the region.

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